Rise of Legends: An Incomplete Masterpiece

Where is the remote? Well, well, well… I am so sad right now. I enjoyed playing Rise of Nations back in 2003, with its subtle differences between the nations. At the time it was published as a real time strategy version of Civilization, a bold claim since Civilization 3 was published two years prior, and although not as successful as Civilization 2, it was a … Continue reading Rise of Legends: An Incomplete Masterpiece


Here comes the last addition to Elder Scrolls series. I have first read about Elder Scrolls, specifically Daggerfall in a Turkish gamer magazine. The magazine was heavily praising on the free form play that it offers. The graphics were not so satisfying but still the endlessness of the game put a spell on the author. The first meeting with Elder Scrolls personally was the 3rd … Continue reading Skyrim