Dragon Age 2

Hello all and welcome to the review of Dragon Age 2, the sequel of epic roleplaying game, Dragon Age. When it came out, Dragon Age was misleading in name since most of the game was about darkspawn who are awakened by Archdemon. Archdemon is in the form of a dragon but that doesn’t make it a dragon in reality. When you came face to face with it whether in the beginning, in the middle or at the end, you realized that Archdemon is more like a undead dragon. During the game the main focus was to use your nearly forgotten … Continue reading Dragon Age 2


Here comes the last addition to Elder Scrolls series. I have first read about Elder Scrolls, specifically Daggerfall in a Turkish gamer magazine. The magazine was heavily praising on the free form play that it offers. The graphics were not so satisfying but still the endlessness of the game put a spell on the author. The first meeting with Elder Scrolls personally was the 3rd game: Morrowind. Everytime I start, I ended up with too much items to carry even in the first town. I also died a lot. Finding the killer of tax collector in Seyda Neen introduced me … Continue reading Skyrim