BioWare’s Anthem and First Impressions

Now, now, now, Andromeda kinda failed, isn’t it. Let’s do a trailer critic. Two areas, one is a hub area where you interact with people and an exploration area where you do your combat. This is simple BioWare formula, where they used even in Dragon Age Origins. Note that this might be the real difference between BioWare games and Bethesda games. Bethesda games are full of encounters and quests that are in the exploration area, and you rarely go back to the main hubs, maybe only to talk with some quest givers. In BioWare games, there will be a main … Continue reading BioWare’s Anthem and First Impressions

A Short Shout-Out to Starcraft: The First One!

It has been a Saturday morning. I had woken up early, as I couldn’t sleep the day before because my good old MSI GT70 laptop┬áhas been living its last moments. Both CPU and GPU temperatures were through the roof: 100 degree (Celsius…never understood logic of Fahrenheit scale). It already had a GPU replacement two years ago. Service had duped me by changing the old 3GB GTX 670M with 1.5GB model. Yes, I also didn’t know if it had ever existed. Unfortunately I hadn’t checked the memory of the card until earlier this year. It was a disappointed, least to say. … Continue reading A Short Shout-Out to Starcraft: The First One!