Who am I?

I am an old gamer. And when I mean old, I mean I have been playing games since I was 3. My first game that I know its name was Aladdin, and second one was Civilization 2. I am a fan of specifically strategy games. I couldn’t get a hang on multiplayer games, thus I stayed with single player campaigns of most games. I love the story elements, and I truly believe video games will be the next medium for interactive story telling.

Apart from that, I am graduated from the top civil engineering faculty in my country, which is also a good one in the World. I like to brag about it because a quarter of my hair has been fell down while trying to finish my studies. The other quarter I lost during my time in construction sites around the World.

When they told me “Civil Engineers bring civilization to the World”, I thought they were half-joking. I realized how wrong I am when I was in the middle of nowhere in Ukraine, where the only structures you can see was the camp site we erected to finish the goddamned road. After five years, I was tired of jumping from one god forsaken place to another (although it paid very – VERY – good), I decided to put my hard earned money into a top level MBA program in Europe. I must say, I had a nice year.

Nowadays I am spending my days writing about the stuff I care about (games, politics, relationships, life in general), while looking for a permanent job in Europe. I am also trying to finish my first book. I hope to publish it through Amazon this year. Fingers crossed.

As for my gaming CV: I am mostly a PC gamer, although I played with Gameboy and Nintendo Wii. My first computer was Commodore 64 with the tape. Second was an IBM PS2 486/33, which was used by my parents’ company for a while, until it found its way to my room. I also meddled with an Apple Macintosh II (or I believe it was a Macintosh II…). My first real owned computer was a Pentium 2, which I made it custom built. In university, I built my first computer, a Core 2 E6600. I confess, I might be missing one between Pent 2 and Core 2. Oh well, time flies.

Nowadays I have a GT70 with a GTX 670M which is living its last days. I might get another gaming laptop until I find a permanent gig, which might take some time.


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