A Short Shout-Out to Starcraft: The First One!

It has been a Saturday morning. I had woken up early, as I couldn’t sleep the day before because my good old MSI GT70 laptop has been living its last moments. Both CPU and GPU temperatures were through the roof: 100 degree (Celsius…never understood logic of Fahrenheit scale). It already had a GPU replacement two years ago. Service had duped me by changing the old 3GB GTX 670M with 1.5GB model. Yes, I also didn’t know if it had ever existed. Unfortunately I hadn’t checked the memory of the card until earlier this year. It was a disappointed, least to say. Being unemployed after finishing my MBA studies, I was looking for my permanent gig, with money in the bank getting smaller in number each passing day. I could not afford to buy a new one….yet. And I wanted to get back into desktop gaming, although the uncertainty of my (potential) new work place gave me the brakes for building my dream machine after ten years. I will probably be moving a couple more times until I can say a town will be mine.

It couldn’t run the games it used to run flawlessly. Even Starcraft 2 has been slowing down considerably. I was feeling desperate. I already uninstalled Civilization 6, as even in lowest settings it was slow. Now it is the turn of Starcraft 2.

Fortunately, Blizzard released the old one free of charge as a promotion to its future release of Starcraft Remastered edition. I had finished it years ago, but hey, why not? So, I installed the baby.

Oh well. I wondered why I liked it that much.

After years of evolution in gaming, I realized how routine were the old missions. I finished the Terran campaign easily, but I remember I had trouble with the last mission. Not this time. I put a couple of bunkers, pop up my second base a little south of my starting position and started pumping up Battlecruisers. After that, I just stuck to the left side of the screen, slowly destroying everything in my path. I didn’t even repaired my ships. In the past, I remember being harassed by Ghosts and Nuclear Missiles, but I just see one instance near my third expansion a little north near the white base. It was easy picking. Also, I believe my time playing in Starcraft 2 seemingly honed my skill in the original game.

So, I was a little hopeful when the Zerg campaign started. I remember it as mystique and satisfying. But this time, it was the other way around. Basically, when the game gives you a new unit, just pump 12 of them (the control limit in Starcraft, for more units you have to form another control group), maybe put 6 or so support units (the counter counterer, like sending Mutalisks with Guardians) into another Alt+Number group, and you are basically sweeping the map. I remember to overwhelm the enemy in the past, but now I just used harassing tactics.

I know what changed. Time.

Not like the times has changed. No. I just didn’t have the time to play it long and strong. I got used to 20 min games in Starcraft 2. I wanted the mission to end as soon as possible. In the past I remember each mission would have taken me around 45 minutes to 1 hour. I would have maxed out the supply limit. Now I am restless, so I got bored in the middle of the missions.

It was enlightening to say the least, that old might stay old. I wonder how Blizzard will gain from Starcraft Remastered, although I can assume there will be ton of gamers like me who would like to play the game in a new system. Unfortunately, the dynamic campaign missions of Starcraft 2 actually ruined the experience in Starcraft. Now I can see how boring was the campaign of the old game, and why I enjoyed so much of the campaign in Starcraft 2, although I did find the single player missions a tad short.

Oh well, not every game will get old gracefully. Bugger.


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